Road freight plays a pivotal role in development of a country’s economy. Pakistan being placed in the cross roads of south and central Asia is provided ample opportunity for trade and transportation. Since the introduction of CPEC this opportunity has increased substantially with new players from all around the globe eyeing the logistics sector of Pakistan, 3D LOGISTICS was formed to be one of the many logistics firms which were to be the pioneers in the changing economic landscape of Pakistan.


3d logistics inspires to incite investment at a local scale and to become a leading national logistics group with global recognition while maintaing maximum output to investors and remaining socially and ethically observant. To pursue various tracts to diversify company’s base and range of clientele simultaneously creating value for investor’s .creating a potent staff which can achieve the desired objective with maximum efficiency while propagating company’s core values.


Our experienced & dedicated people endeavor to provide you with appropriate logistics solutions; customized to your particular objectives.

  • Team of dedicated workers,
  • A phone call away for all your inquires,
  • More than 13 years of experience,
  • Our expertise allows us to design a solution that meets your demands

3d logistics team along with high work ethic and expertise, also provide support for all your queries. We have proudly served national and multinational companies and our 13 years of experience in transport management and planning allows us to swiftly react to any anomalies.